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Waewdao Sirisook is the premiere dancer-choreographer working in traditional, folk, and contemporary dance of northern Thailand. She is dedicated to developing and expressing the broad range of arts and culture from her native Lanna (“a million rice fields” in northern Thai dialect) region for diverse international audiences. Waewdao’s original ensemble, solo, and guest performances have been presented throughout Thailand and in Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, China, India, Myanmar, Canada, and the USA, including such venues as REDCAT, TACTFest Osaka, Esplanade da:ns Festival, UCLA, and others. She has also performed in eight countries throughout Asia, Europe, and North America as a cultural representative for the Tourism Authority of Thailand and in commercial and entertainment engagements in Thailand for nearly two decades.

Waewdao’s most recent solo and collaborative stage works, Lanna Dream and Fauwn Leb: Identity, are inspired by postmodern and contemporary discourse and speak to issues of the tourist gaze, globalized culture, and gendered self-exotification. She holds an MFA in Dance from UCLA, has taught performance at Chiang Mai University, UCLA, and Santa Monica College, and is currently Adjunct Assistant Professor in Dance at University of Iowa. More info at www.waewdaosirisook.org.

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